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Shop our range of wet cat food today on Petsplus.ie! Our wet cat food range is available in several flavours, such as tuna, salmon, chicken, lamb, beef and more. Our wet cat food is available in various sizes, from pouches to larger bags. We have wet cat food for kittens, seniors and adults. We also stock wet cat food in multipacks of pouches. If you want to treat your cat, purchase one of the Naturo Cat Mousse.

Wet cat food is a great choice for cats who may be picky eaters or have dental issues. It provides them with much-needed hydration and is easier to chew than dry food. Plus, it offers a variety of textures and flavours, making mealtime more exciting for your feline friend.

Pets Plus proudly offers a wide selection of wet cat food products at competitive prices. We only stock the highest quality brands to ensure your cat receives the best. Shop our collection today and give your cat the nutrition they deserve!

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