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We stock a range of small animal toys, including hay balls, chew tubes, strategy games and snack balls, agility sets and more. Take a look at our range of toys for your small pet today.

Looking for toys for your rabbit? You’ve come to the right page. We have a giant rabbit chew tube for them to gnaw away on. We also have a sniffing carpet for your rabbit. You can play hide and seek with all types of dried and fresh food. The rabbit gets the reward by sniffing and digging. Not only that but we also have a brilliant snackball.

Hamsters love playing, and what better toy for them to play with than a hamster ball. They will be running around having lots of fun. Place them anywhere in your house without the worry of them getting lost.

Other toys for small animals include pet agility sets, hay tunnels, seagrass fun ball, rabbit tunnel and a lot more.

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