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We stock a wide range of Small Animal Bedding & Housing, including wood chippings, carefresh bedding, cages, small animal playpens and more.

Looking for wood chippings or barley straw for your small pet? Look no further. Here at Pets Plus, we have all the small animal bedding and housing you need. The straw and chippings are usually used for hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits bedding.

We have a great range of supplies to store your hamster in. We have plenty of options from the Savic Hamster Cage to the Rody Hamster Cage. We also have a brilliant hamster playpen to give them a bit more open room to roam free and have some hours of fun with their hamster wheel.

We also have bedding for rabbits. One of our products is the brilliant Carrot Cave Bed for Rabbits, where they can lie down in comfort.

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