Creamy Cat Treat Chick/Lamb 4pack

3.50 (inc. VAT)

– Contains 4 hydrating lickable cat treats
– Quality ingredients with essential nutrients
– High meat content, rich in amino acids
– Delicious by itself or as dry food topping

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Creamy Cat Treat Chick/Lamb 4pack

Hydrating lickable cat treat with big flavour and low calories

Catit Creamy is a perfectly lickable cat treat, named after its delightfully creamy consistency. The treat itself is packed in convenient tubes, each containing a single serving size.

As Catit Creamy treats are both deliciously hydrating and low in calories, you can treat your cat to one multiple times a day. Your cat will love you for it.

Healthy cat treats with all-natural ingredients and essential taurine

Using only the finest and freshest natural ingredients and a dash of essential taurine, Catit Creamy is a healthy treat that can be enjoyed by cats of all life stages. The treats don’t include any by-products, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. Catit Creamy is also free of high-carb grains, and all the tuna that is included in Catit Creamy is fished in a dolphin-friendly way.

Freeze Creamy to make ice pops for cats

Simply pop a tube of Catit Creamy in your freezer to create a cool and refreshing ice pop for cats, perfect for your feline to enjoy on a hot day.

Apply Creamy as a topper for your cat’s dry food

Catit Creamy is more than just a treat in itself. Top off your cat’s dry kibble with some Creamy to add extra taste and nutritious goodness.

Disguise the bad taste of medicine

Feed your cat their medication with Catit Creamy to help conceal bad flavors.

Serve on a feeding mat

If you’d like for your cat to savor their Creamy treat for longer, pour some Creamy onto this ribbed silicone Creamy Feeding Mat and watch them have at it. The feeding mat is made from flexible food-grade silicone and is pleasant to your cat’s touch.

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