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Shop our range of small pet accessories, including wooden houses, small pet carriers, tunnels, small pet harnesses and more.

For rabbits, we have lots of great accessories, such as the cuddly rabbit cave, which features two levels for your bunny to rest on. We have a rabbit harness which features a comfy mesh. It comes with a lead and is adjustable. Use it for keeping your rabbit safe around your home. Check out our small animal run for rabbits to give them some outdoor space to run around in.

We have a huge range of hamster accessories for you to choose from. Already have a cage and need accessories for inside? We have what you need with our Savic hamster toilet, silent hamster wheel, hay tunnels, play tube tunnel and more.

We also have a great selection of other small pet accessories such as pet carriers, playpens, cooling mats, heat pads and a lot more.

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