Shop our wide range of reptile supplies today. We stock a range of light fixtures and bulbs. We also supply turtle food and docks. Get all your reptile supplies delivered straight to your doorstep with Pets Plus. We are delighted to offer FREE nationwide delivery on all orders over €50.

We have a brilliant selection of lights for your reptile, such as the Exo Terra Daylight Basking Spot ranging from 50W to 150W. We also have an infrared version available in 100W. Other lights include a light dome fixture and a porcelain wire light lamp holder.

Other reptile supplies include reptile food. We have Turtle and Terrapin food sticks, turtle food and more. Other turtle supplies include a turtle dock which comes in small, medium or large.

If you have an enclosure for your reptile, bedding will come in helpful for them. We have two options for Zoomed Repti Bark Bedding which is available in either 4.4L or 8.8.