Guinea Pig Food & Hay

Shop our range of guinea pig food and hay. We stock a range of popular small pet food, including selective guinea pig food, burgess guinea pig food-friendly hay and more.

We have a delicious range of food for your rabbits, such as Mr Johnsons Guinea Pig Food. We also have yummy rosewood meadow hay cookies and rosewood hay cubes for your guinea pig to snack on.

We have a huge amount of hay for guinea pigs to eat. They come in a range of flavours, such as carrot, parsnip, chamomile, dandelion, wild rose and more.

Take a look at the excellent range of Burgess Excell food. We stock their rabbit guinea pig food with blackcurrant, which is popular.

Treat your little bunny today with some delicious guinea pig food and hay.

Small Pet Products Categories

Small Pet Products Categories


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