Shop our range of fish supplies online today. We have everything you need for your pet fish delivered straight to your door. Shop our range of fish supplies, including fish food,  fish tanks, Aquarium filters, treatments and more. Avail of FREE nationwide delivery when you make an order over €50.

We have over 40+ fish supplies. We have everything you’ll need for your pet fish, starting with a fish tank or fish aquarium, which varies in size from 12 to 45 Litres which your fish will love.

We also have lots of ornaments to place in your aquarium, such as action ornaments, coral ornaments, bridge ornaments, castle ornaments and lots more to decorate your fish aquarium. Also, we can choose three aquarium gravel colours: blue, jellybean and rainbow.

You’ll want to keep your fish aquarium in top condition, so a gravel cleaner will be a great purchase.

As well as that, we also have chemicals to help aid your pet fish, such as coat water treatment, stress zyme, tap water conditioner and much more.

We, of course, have goldfish and tropical fish food by Aquarian, which are very popular.

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