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Shop our range of small animal cages online. We have a handful of pet cages and housing for you to purchase today. Get them delivered straight to your door. We offer free nationwide delivery over orders of €50.

We have small pet cages for hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. Take a look at the premium Bristol Hamster Cage. It is recommended for one Syrian Hamster. It has a gorgeous modern shape. It comes built with a platform, running wheel, stainless steel feeding bowl, drinking bottle, ladder and a sputnik house. Your hamster will have everything they need.

Our cheaper option is the Savic Rody Hamster Cage. It’s clean and tidy around the cage thanks to the plastic top. This hamster cage comes with a ladder, platform, feeding bowls drinking bottle and a running wheel.

With one of these hamster cages, your hamster will be entertained all day long.

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