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Shop our range of Dog Bowls & feeding accessories available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes.

Is your dog in need of a new bowl? Pick the one that best suits your dog from our wide selection of dog bowls – including our long-ear dog bowl, our double-raised dog bowl, our ceramic dog bowl, our dog cooling bowl, and many more.

We have a great range of licking mats which are great for entertaining your pet, and reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Simply pour out some of their favourite treats – such as yoghurt, gravy or any other liquid – and let your pet do the rest (suitable for both cats and dogs.)

We also have a variety of slow feeders for both cats and dogs. Slow feeders helps your pet to take their time when eating, helping to prevent bloating and obesity.

At Pets Plus, we also understand that feeding time can be messy… so be sure to check out our range of spill-proof and non-slip dog bowls that help keep your pet’s food in the bowl, and not on your floor!

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