Best Cat Food in Ireland

Best Cat Food

Best Cat Food in Ireland

At Pets Plus, we believe that your cat is more than just a pet – they are a family member. We are committed to providing the highest quality cat food in Ireland, so your cat or kitten can enjoy a happy and healthy life. We stock a wide range of cat food, from dry and wet food to treats and supplements. We have everything you need to keep your cat happy and well-nourished. Our pet experts have carefully selected the best cat food in Ireland, so you can trust that you are feeding your cat the best you can purchase. Browse our list today and order online to give your cat the cat food they deserve.

1. Burns Cat Food – Chicken & Rice 2KG


burns cat food

First in our list this the Burns Cat Food in Chicken and Rice, a complete dry cat food rich in vitamins. It is one of the best cat foods on the market. Burns Cat food is made with the highest quality sources of chicken for protein and whole grains to ensure your cat benefits from all of nature’s goodness. They control the levels of protein and minerals to maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract. They use no artificial preservatives or chemicals, which Burns takes great pride in. It is available in a large 2KG bag, which should keep your cat stocked up for a while.

Price: €17.99

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2. Burgess Dry Cat Food – Salmon

dry cat food

Burgess Dry Cat Food in Salmon is a complete dry food for adult cats. Burgess dry cat foot has many benefits:

  • Dental health support
  • Advanced Protein
  • Digestive comfort
  • Suitable for all adult cats
  • Supports a healthy heart

It is available in a 1.5KG bag and a larger 10KG bag.

Size: 1.5KG, 10KG

Price: €7.99 – €39.99

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3. PETSplus Premium Dry Cat Food – Chicken

Dry Cat Food

The PetsPlus Premium range benefits from a variety of high-quality protein sources. It is 50% of chicken, which is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, to promote everyday health and well-being. Stool quality will improve due to added beet pulp, a good source of dietary fibre to help promote intestinal motility. This range of cat food promotes healthy skin and coat, which contains omega-3 essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


Size: 2KG, 6KG

Price: €15.99 – €41.99

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4. Felix Wet Cat Food – Poultry Selection in Jelly

felix wet cat food

Felix Wet Cat Food is available in a 12-pack. It is the ideal assortment. There are various flavours, including duck, turkey and chicken, to add more variety to your cat’s diet. Your cat will receive all the essential nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is 75 calories per 100g.

Price: €5.50

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5. Royal Canin Digestive Care Cat Food


royal canin digestive care cat

The Royal Canin Digestive Care formula contains highly digestible proteins. They help support a balance in the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal transit. It also helps the cat eat more slowly and chew thoroughly for good digestion. The protein contained is very high and is high quality to help maintain internal muscle, strengthen your cat’s body and keep stool quality.

Price: €7.99 – €54.99

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6. IAMS for Vitality Adult Cat Food 2KG

iams cat food

IAMS for Vitality Adult Cat Food is available in 2KG bags. It has fresh chicken and helps to complete balanced expert nutrition to help support your cat’s health and vitality. Your cat will have a shiny and healthy coat after eating this range. The Vitaly cat food is formulated to reduce urinary PH, supporting a healthy urinary tract.

Price: €14.99

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7. Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food – Multipack 12 x 70g

natural wet cat food

TheApplaws Natural Wet Cat Food is available in a multipack of 12 x 70g pouches. The multipack contains:

  • 3x Chicken Breast with Mango in Jelly
  • 3x Mackerel with Seabream
  • 3x Chicken Breast with Mackerel
  • 3x Tuna with Seaweed.


Price: €17.99

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8. Carnilove Cat Food Salmon Adult 400g

carnilove cat food

The Carnilove Cat Food in Salmon is the ideal complete cat food. It features 75% wild-origin meats, which keeps your adult cat fit and healthy with high-quality protein and balanced levels of essential amino acids. The meat and fat of the salmon contain ideal sources of omega-3, which have anti-inflammatory properties and a positive impact on your cat’s health and skin.

Price: €5.99

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9. Creamy Cat Treat Chicken/ Lamb 4 Pack

creamy cat treat

There are many benefits to the Creamy Cat Treats features:

  • 4 hydrating lickable cat treats
  •  Quality ingredients with essential nutrients
  •  High meat content, rich in amino acids
  •  Delicious by itself or as a dry food topping

They are low in calories, so you can give your cat multiple treats a day that your cat will love. The cat treats don’t include any by-products, artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.


Price: €3.50

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10. Royal Canin Sterilised Kitten Food

kitten sterlised

Last but not least in our list of the best cat food is the Royal Canin Sterilised Kitten Food. The Kitten Sterilised range helps support the kitten’s natural defences thanks to their combination of antioxidants. The formula contains a decent amount of fat to help limit any weight gain with no compromise on the intake of protein and calcium, which is perfect for healthy growth.


Size: 400g, 2KG

Price: €7.90 – €33.99

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