Tips regarding care for your Cockatiel

Caring for a cockatiel

Tips regarding care for your Cockatiel

Here’s a few tips regarding care for your Cockatiel. The first thing is to find a good location for the cage, preferably an extremely peaceful and cozy portion of the house. This uncomplicated act will reduce stress in your pet that can be introduced by loud sounds, drafts, and sudden movements.

To ensure appropriate care for your Cockatiel, it is important to provide good energetic, as well as intellectual, exercise. The bird should not be permitted to remain inside the cage for extended periods of time. You should allow a short exercise schedule regularly, preferably on a daily basis, enabling your pet to explore his surroundings and “run” free

Because Cockatiels have extremely high natural intelligence, it is important that you express love and affection towards them, as this makes them candidates to be your companion, this in turn promotes good health and happiness.

Good diet regulation is also among the guidelines that should be followed to ensure proper care for Cockatiels. In order to thrive and remain healthy, your feathered friend needs more than pellet based food, such as a consistent diet of greens, vegetables, fresh fruits that are chopped, seeds, and even boiled eggs and other nutritious table foods.

Also included in the plan to ensure proper care for Cockatiels is the practice of good hygiene. Try to keep the feathers on the bird’s wings clean, as well as clipped, constantly, and provide bathing occasions as often as possible.

By starting with just these tips, you are insuring a healthy relationship with your cockatiel.