Rabbits are great pets

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Rabbits are great pets

Rabbits are great pets, they are inquisitive, friendly and love interaction with their owners. With the correct care, rabbits can live up to twelve years. Rabbits are sociable animals and it is great for them to have a companion. However make sure they are of similar size to prevent bullying. Two sisters will get along better than unrelated females, but females are more tolerant if they have space. Males are more aggressive with other males and can inflict serious injuries. The best pairing is sisters or a male and female. Neutering is recommended when keeping more than one rabbit. Rabbits should also not be kept with guinea pigs. They have different food requirements and bullying can also occur.

Rabbits are active curious animals and love to play. A wide variety of toys are available in pet shops including  food balls and activity tunnels. Toys prevent your rabbit from getting bored and developing behavioural problems. Rabbits can be kept indoors in a suitable cage or outside in a hutch, (unless they are a miniature breed eg. Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf. In cases where they are left outdoors, they require extra insulation and protection from the elements. Eg moving the hutch into a shed. Space and exercise is important so the bigger the better!

Hay is a vital component of your rabbit’s diet. They need to have hay available throughout the day to graze on. Hay is the main component of your pets diet. Rabbits also require a dry food and can eat most types of fruit and veg. Rabbits require annual vaccinations, just like dogs and cats. Rabbits, whether indoor or outdoor can contract diseases like Myxomatosis, or RHD1/2.

We offer a start up kit including all you need to care for your new rabbit. Pop in store for more information on how to care for your rabbit and a more in depth chat about diet, housing, handling, grooming etc.