Be:Sunsafe Suncream for Dogs and Cats

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Suitable for dogs, cats or even horses, this UV protecting and insect repelling balm has added vitamin A E & F with citronella to protect against the sun and summer insects.

Spf 15

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Be:Sunsafe Suncream for Dogs and Cats

  • SPF15 & INSECT REPELLING: Sun protection balm, perfect for dogs and cats who love to soak up the sun and handmade for sensitive skin. Great for nose, paws, lips, ears, belly and other areas that get sun. Repels insects, bugs, mosquitos and more.
  • PLANT BASED PET WELLNESS: Powerfully effective and lick-safe with a gorgeous citrus scent. Packed with gentle yet intensive ingredients, including vitamin A,E & F, beeswax, grapeseed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, chamomile, lavender and more.
  • ALWAYS TESTED ON HUMANS: Specifically formulated to be shared from palm to paw. We wouldn’t use chemical-packed products on our own skin, so we think the same should go for our pets.
  • MADE IN THE UK: Sustainably sourced and handmade with care. MIT and Paraben free with no added preservatives and no hidden nasties. Plus, we avoid excessive packaging and are 90% plastic free.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Warm the balm with your hands, place onto your fingers and rub the product into the areas most susceptible to sunburn. With any leftover product, you can rub this into your hands for some extra moisturising TLC!