Learning to care for a cat

Learning to care for a cat

Learning to care for a cat

Learning to care for a cat starts well before the cat moves into your home. If you are looking for a kitten the care starts by you finding a suitable cat breeder and seeing the conditions the mother cat is living in. You will need to look at the condition of the kittens as well and learn how to select a healthy cat. Or if you are looking to take in an abandoned or elderly cat, are you able to meet their needs. Cats can provide hours of entrainment for the whole family. As you care for your cat you will start to learn all about your cats quirks, the things it likes and doesn’t like. All cats have their own personality, you just have to give it time to shine through, most are pleasant and happy cats, because their owners have spent time caring for them.

Before you bring your cat home make sure you have a suitable sleeping area with comfortable cat bedding. This will help your cat as often a cat will not feel comfortable in its new environment for a few days, some where private to sleep that is warm and cosy will show you care, by letting it escape from the daily hustle and bustle of household life.

If you are getting a new kitten, make sure you buy a cat carrier. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to take your kitten to the vets for check ups and it’s first vaccinations. You should choose what is right for your cat, show you cat that you care by making trips to the vets as comfortable as possible.

Every cat will need a cat collar, unless you have a micro chip inserted under this skin (some people see this as an unnecessary hurt to your cat, but in fact it’s just like having a vaccination). A cat collar has two purposes, the first and most important is for identification. If you cat strays too far from home and gets lost, most people will take in and care for a lost cat until the owner can be found, if your cat has a cat collar then the identification information you include in it will let people know how to contact you. Here at PETS plus we offer customized cat tags to identify your cat (they look cute too!). The other use of a collar is as a flea deterrent, there is a chemical included in the fabric which will help keep your cat free of fleas and ticks.

Don’t forget to provide good cat feeding equipment. Have bowls that are just for your cat, this way they won’t get mixed up with the family’s crockery. And not only they if your cat has its own bowls it will feel more comfortable settling in to your home.

When your cat is small, it will still be very playful and will be after your attention all the time. A good way to show you care is to play with your cat. Cats love chasing things so why not purchase some cat toys and other things at PETS plus to keep you cat amused, this also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Here at PETS plus we stock everything you will need to look after your cat in the very best way possible. We stock a variety of Cat foods including PETSplus own brand Super Premium Cat food, Royal Canin, Burns, Burgess and Felix. Call in to see us if you have any questions about looking after your cat.