Why is your dog anxious on Halloween?

Why is your dog anxious on Halloween?

Why is my dog stressed at Halloween?

Halloween can be a stressful time for pets. Dogs can be especially sensitive to sensory overload. Halloween comes with loud noises, fireworks and strangers dressed up in costumes. This can cause anxiety for dogs as it is not part of their daily routine. If your dog is already prone to anxiety halloween can heighten it.

What are the symptoms of dog anxiety?

Symptoms of dog anxiety include

  • Excessive Panting
  • Trembling
  • Isolation and Avoidance
  • Excessive Yawning and Licking
  • Aggressive or destructive behaviour brought on by fear

How can I help my dog’s anxiety at Halloween?

We recommend keeping your dog indoors, ideally in a secure room with music or a television playing in the back round to block out unusual noises.

Plenty of exercise before the night commences so your dog is tired and has less energy .

Desensitisation to loud noises helps but is a long term process.

Pet Calming Products can also be bought. See below.

Calming Range

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy is a natural way to de-stress your pets. The range includes calming diffusers and sprays. The sprays work instantly with a blend of valerian essential oils.

pet remedy

Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Range cani comfort calming diffuser

Canicomfort is a copy of a naturally produced dog appeasing pheromone which helps calm and reassure your dog.

Karma Wraps

KarmaWrap works to reduce dog anxiety because like giving a hug or swaddling a baby, the constant gentle pressure applied around your dog’s chest and torso helps him/her feel safe and secure. With this wonderfully induced sense of security he/she feels calmer and displays amazingly quieter and more relaxed behaviour.


VetIQ Serene-UM Calming Tablets for Dogs

VetIQ Serene-UM® calming tablets for dogs as a natural dietary supplement containing a specially formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and has been recommended by veterinarians to combat tension and stress in pets, without having a sedative effect.

Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Range

Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Diffuser uses pheromones, which are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance, and reduces general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home in.


Happy & Safe Halloween

Pets Plus Team