Increase your cat’s activity

Cute Baby Cat Playing At Home

Increase your cat’s activity

Food is only part of the equation. Lack of exercise can often be the cause of weight gain (and boredom), so encourage your cat to stay active and burn up more calories. This is particularly important for indoor cats with less opportunity to exercise. Increase your cat’s activity using the following tips:

  • A dedicated daily playtime can help and many cats enjoy time spent chasing a ball or using a ‘fishing’ toy.
  • Climbing and scratching towers add interest to the indoor cat’s environment as well as encouraging exercise.
  • Put some of the daily food allocation into a ‘feeding/treat ball’ so the cat needs to spend time rolling the ball to get the food.
  • Place food at the top of the stairs or climbing tower.
  • Think about allowing access outdoors, perhaps by fencing the garden or building a pen outside to encourage more activity.

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