How to select well balanced dog food

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How to select well balanced dog food

A wholesome well balanced dog food diet promotes: Healthy skin and coat, strong well developed bones, bright clear eyes, firmer stools (and less of them), well defined muscle tone, quality of life and longevity, healthy teeth and gums, fewer trips to your Vet, no bad odor, fewer digestive problems, energy, vitality, fewer behavior problems and over-all health. I’d say it’s worth it, wouldn’t you?

A poor diet leads to an increase in: Cancers, weakened immune system, liver failure, sluggish behavior or hyperactive, putrid gas, diarrhea, dull coat and heavy shedding, epilepsy, vomiting, ear infections, compromised heart and kidneys, stunted growth and weakened bones, bad breath, bowel disease, diabetes, cystitis, cataracts, hypertension, build up in the eyes, arthritis, countless allergies and who knows what else…

Whatever dog food your dog eats, it needs to be in the right quantities because the most widespread health problem in dogs is obesity. Keeping a dog’s weight down by giving the right amount of good food and sufficient exercise will maximise its chances for a long, healthy life.

We stock a range of Dog Food in PETSplus to suit your dog’s needs. Some of the brands we stock are listed below:

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Royal Canin, Burns, Red Mills, Gain Nutrition, Canagan, Carnilove and more!