How Do Calming Dog Beds Work ?

calming dog beds

How Do Calming Dog Beds Work ?

How do Calming Dog Beds work ?

Does your dog suffer with anxiety such as separation anxiety, or fear of loud noises? If so there are many different things you can do or buy to help your dog cope better with anxiety one of which is a calming bed.

How do they work?

Calming dog beds provide a comfortable resting space, featuring a soft faux-fur and special design that help give dogs a sense of security and relieve anxiety.

During stressful situations you may notice your dog try to hide or find a space where there is more security such as under a blanket or in a crate. Calming beds used in conjunction with training can help ease a dog’s anxiety.

The soft faux fur texture provides comfort and a sense of calm whilst the donut circular shape gives your dog a hug providing a sense of security.

We have a range of calming beds in store and online in three different sizes and colours. They are also machine washable.