Christmas Gift Guide – Best Christmas Dog Gifts

Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas Gift Guide – Best Christmas Dog Gifts

We have the ultimate gift guide for your dogs this Christmas! At Pets Plus, we have a massive range of Christmas presents for your dogs, including festive dog treats, Christmas stockings for dogs and merry dog toys. We all love Christmas presents so don’t let your dog out on all the fun! They will love sniffing all the yummy delights, such as the Steak Box or the Biscuit Box. We have a range of toys to keep your dog entertained on Christmas day while you eat the Christmas dinner and sing songs all day long.

Pets Plus Top 10 Christmas Presents for dogs

1. Luxurious Harvey Dog Beds


What better Christmas Dog Gift to purchase than a luxury fluffy dog bed? It will help calm and relax your dog with its cosy fabric. The great thing about this bed is that it has a removable cover and non-slip bottom. It has a suede look and features a long-haired plush. The colour is a grey/black dog bed. Your dog will sleep well over Christmas with one of the Luxurious Harvey Dog Beds. This dog bed is available in 2 sizes:

Price:€74.99/ €123.99

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2. Trixie Dog Memory Trainer Game

dog memory trainer

Dogs love games, and this is a fantastic game which will challenge your dog. The Trixie Dog Memory Game is a challenge-based game for dogs. When your dog presses the trigger, he/she will be rewarded with a yummy treat. You can dose how many treats are dispensed in the rotating reservoir inside the game. You can increase the difficulty by increasing the distance between the trigger and the feeder for an extra challenge. Add some suction cups to play the game outdoors with your dog. It’s a fun and rewarding game for your dog to play over Christmas.

Price: €69.99

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3. Xmas Sleigh Toy

Holiday Occasional Sleigh Dog Toy

Get your dog a Christmas-themed toy! The Kong Holiday Sleigh Dog Toy is a 3-in-1 dog toy for endless fun for your dog over Christmas. They are full furry toys, and they also squeak for added joy. Give your dog this toy while you all unwrap presents Christmas morning, and he/she will be running around squeaking the toy.

Price: €21.99

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4. Christmas Steak Box

christmas dog steak box

On to our first food Christmas dog gift! Once your dog sees this on Christmas morning, its mouth will water. It is a large Christmas Steak Box packed with delicious meaty, and high-protein delights. It is the perfect Christmas dog gift to keep them topped up on snacks throughout the festive period. They are a fantastic Christmas dog gift for dogs and puppies over 4 months. It is a 290-gram box full of steak.

Price: €11.99

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5. Christmas Dog Stocking

christmas dog stocking

We all love a Christmas stocking, right? And not just us. Dogs love them too! We have a paw-shaped Christmas Dog Stocking from Kong, which you can pack to the rafters with doggy treats and toys. Just imagine how excited your dog will be when they see this.  There is a loop on the stocking so that you can hang it by the chimney. It is a red and white plush fabric. Check out our dog supplies to pack the stocking with.

Price: €6.99

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6. Christmas Dog Pyjamas

pet pyjamas

Christmas time means festive pyjamas, but you don’t have to leave your dog out of this tradition. We have Cupid and Comet Christmas Dog Pyjamas. These dog pyjamas have red and white patterns to match festive colours. The Christmas dog pyjamas are available in small and medium sizes.

Price: €14.99 – €16.99

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7. Christmas Dog Bow Tie

Christmas Dog Bow Tie

This is one of the best Christmas dog gifts for Christmas day! It is a festive green dog bow tie with gold sparkles. The bow tie slides on your dog’s collar. It is the ideal gift for Christmas day to get your dog in a festive mood.

Price: €5.99

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Merry Christmas from all at Pets Plus, and we wish you all the best for 2023.