Best Fish Tanks

Best Fish Tanks

At Pets Plus, we believe that your pet fish deserves the best fish tank. We are committed to providing the highest quality fish tanks in Ireland so your pet fish has a safe and large home. We stock a wide range of fish tanks which vary in a range of size. Our pet experts have carefully selected the best fish tanks in Ireland, so you can trust that you are buying the best home for your new pet. Browse our list today and order online to give your fish the perfect home.

1. Tango Aquarium Fish Tank 40L 

aquarium fish tank

The Tango Aquarium Fish Tank 40L is one of the best fish tanks available on the market. It holds a sizable 40L of water so it has ample room for your fish to roam around and explore. The glad lid has been redesigned to act as a better splash guard. It has a range of features:

  • Rectangular Glass Aquarium
  • High-performance LED Lighting Tropical White 8,500K x14
  • Multi-Stage Filtration System
  • Easy Access Feeding Clip

Price: €103.99

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2. Curvelle Aquarium Fish Tank 45L

fish tank

The Curvelle Aquarium Fish Tank 45L is a Complete Coldwater Aquarium Set. It is a modern and elegant fish tank but very simple in its operation. Equipped in the aquarium is LED lighting so you can view the fish tank at night. It is a fantastic fish tank for all types of coldwater aquarium fish. It has numerous features which include:

  •  Curved Glass Aquarium
  • Quick to Fit Overhead Filtration
  •  High-Performance LED Lighting
  • Detachable Spray Bar & Bio Sponge
  • Easy Access feeding clip cover
  • Power Filter with quiet operation

Price: €117.99

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3. Aqua Dreams Starter Fish Aquarium 23L

fish aquarium

The Aqua Dreams Starter Fish Aquarium 23L is one of the best fish tanks for starters. So if you have never owned a fish or fish tank this is a great choice for you. It is a complete glass aquarium with a floating base and safety edges. Included in the starter fish aquarium is:

  • Tank
  • Lid
  • Plant
  • Filter
  • Background
  • User Guide

Price: €63.99

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4. Curvelle Aquarium Fish Tank 16L

fish tank

The Curvelle Aquarium Fish Tank 16L is a great choice for small fish. It is a sleek and modern fish tank which features LED lighting giving it a snazzy look when your home is dark. The fish tank also features an integrated multi-stage filter with a water power head. It is very easy to maintain so its one of the best fish tanks if you are busy day to day.

Price: €69.99

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5. Aqua Dreams Starter Aquarium 18L


Here we have a smaller version of the Aqua Dreams Starter Aquarium which can hold 18L of water. As you have already read they are a brilliant choice for new pet fish owners. There are a few extras included such as a plant, filter and more which are all essential to the running of a fish tank. Your pet fish will have the perfect home to relax and stay healthy.

Price: €13.99 – €63.99

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