The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Ireland

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The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Ireland

Welcome to our guide on the best dog-friendly hotels in Ireland! If you’re a pet owner, you know that bringing your furry friend along on vacation can make for a much more enjoyable experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in Ireland that welcome dogs with open arms. From charming country manors to sleek city hotels, dog-friendly accommodation is available for every taste and budget. 

Not only will you and your four-legged companion be able to enjoy all that Ireland has to offer, but you can do so without leaving your pet behind. So pack your bags, grab your pup, and get ready to explore a new destination.

1. Ashford Castle, Galway

Ashford Castle

Credit: Facebook / @AshfordCastleIreland


Overview: Ashford Castle is a luxurious hotel that welcomes dogs for overnight stays. Your dog will be treated like royalty at Ashford Castle with a range of pet-friendly services. The Castle is set in a scenic location with plenty of land for you and your furry friend to explore. 

There is a €75 charge per dog per night. Just let the hotel know before that you’re bringing your dog, and they can accommodate them. Your dog will be treated to a comfortable dog bed, towels, duvets, food and water bowls. They will provide everything your dog needs for a relaxing trip away.

Ashford Castle provides a range of dog services which include:

  • Dog sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Grooming service
  • Dog treats + toys
  • Leashes

These services are perfect if you want a few hours to have a meal or explore Galway, all while knowing your dog is treated like a VIP. 

Address: Ashford Castle Dr, Leaf Island, Cong, Co. Galway


2. Catlemartyr Resort Hotel, Cork

Catlemartyr Resort Hotel

Credit: Facebook / @CastlemartyrResort


Overview: Castlemartyr Resort Hotel in Cork is another luxurious stay for you and your dog. It has even won a Gold medal Award for being the “Best Pet-Friendly Hotel” in Ireland. It shows their fantastic service to dogs and their owners. 

There is a range of benefits to staying in this dog-friendly hotel in Cork. You will be greeted with a welcome gift and a dog bed when you check in to your new room. Your dog will love their gifts, undoubtedly keeping them busy for a few hours.

Castlemartyr Resort also provides a range of dog services, including:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog sitting
  • Dog grooming
  • Vets

You will also find a map with nearby woods and beaches to explore with your dog, which are pet-friendly. 

Address: Castlemartyr Resort, Grange, Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, P25 X300


3. Cliff House Hotel, Waterford

Cliff House Hotel

Credit: Facebook / @TheCliffHouseHotel


Overview: Cliff House Hotel is another luxury dog-friendly hotel which overlooks Ardmore Bay. It is an ideal location to go on cliff walks and get sea swimming in with your dog. After you’re done, head back to the hotel, where you can dry off your furry friend with a complimentary fluffy towel. 

There is a range of benefits to staying in the Cliff house Hotel with your dog, including:

  • Food & water on arrival
  • Dog bed, floor mat and fluffy towel
  • Pet treats
  • Lots of outdoor activities nearby 
  • Access to the balcony terrace for dining

Cliff House Hotel operates a limited number of dog-friendly rooms, so book well before your stay. So if you are looking for an overnight stay with your dog near the sea, this is the best choice.

Address: Middle Road, Dysert, Ardmore, Co. Waterford, P36 DK38

4. The Twelve Hotel, Galway

The Twelve Hotel

Credit: Facebook / @thetwelvehotel


Overview: The Twelve Hotel pride itself on being one of the most pet-friendly hotels in Ireland, and you can see why. Your dog can avail of 5-star treatment during their stay in Galway. They run a Pampered Pet Program, which features several dog goodies and amenities to keep your doggie happy and healthy during their stay.

Some of the benefits of their pet programme include:

  • A welcome doggie pack – toy, treat and clean-up bags
  • Pet lobby – toys, water, bones, towels and leashes
  • Pet menu 
  • Food & water bowl
  • Discounts on local dog walkers, sitters, groomers, vets and boutiques.
  • Doggie room service

You can see how The Twelve Hotel is one of the best dog hotels in Ireland with its tailored services and treats for dogs. 

Address: Barna Rd, Freeport, Bearna, Co. Galway, H91 Y3KA


5. The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens, Kerry

The Dunloe Hotel

Credit: Facebook / @TheDunloe


Overview: The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is another one of the best dog hotels in Ireland. 

When you enter The Dunloe, your dog will receive a warm welcome with a special package filled with delicious treats, a pet toy, and clean-up bags. 

At this luxurious 5-star hotel, your furry companion will receive the same VIP treatment as you. The Dunloe takes pride in providing dog-friendly accommodation that allows you and your pet to unwind and enjoy the hotel’s 20 acres of beautiful gardens. 

While exploring the grounds, your dog will have a blast discovering new sights and smells. As a responsible pet owner, you will be provided with poop-a-scoops and gloves to ensure a clean and pleasant environment for all.

Your dog-friendly hotel room will feature a designated area for your furry friend with a set of food and water bowls on a floor mat and an assortment of special pet treats.

Additionally, the room will include a comfortable dog bed and a doggy throw that can be used to cover the sofa if that’s where your pet prefers to sleep. The hotel takes pride in providing these amenities to ensure your dog feels as welcome and comfortable as you do during your stay.

Address: Dunloe Lower, Beaufort, Co. Kerry, V93 E029


We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect dog-friendly hotel in Ireland. Ireland has plenty of pet-friendly accommodations to choose from. Choosing a hotel that welcomes your furry friend can create unforgettable memories with your beloved pet by your side. 

Whether you’re exploring the lush green countryside or taking in the sandy beaches, your dog will love being a part of your Irish adventure. 

So pack your bags, grab your pup, and get ready to experience Ireland’s warm hospitality and breathtaking beauty with your best friend by your side.