Best Dog Food in Ireland

Best dog food ireland

Best Dog Food in Ireland

At Pets Plus, we believe that your dog is more than just a pet – they are a family member. We are committed to providing the highest quality dog food in Ireland so that your furry friend can enjoy a happy and healthy life. We stock a wide range of dog food, from dry and wet food to treats and supplements. We have everything you need to keep your dog happy and well-nourished. Our pet experts have carefully selected the best dog food in Ireland, so you can trust that you are feeding your dog the best you can purchase. Browse our list today and order online to give your dog the dog food they deserve.

1. Burns Dog Food – Lamb & Rice

burns dog food lamb

One of the best dog food in Ireland and one of our most popular products is the Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food by Burns. We highly recommend feeding your dog with Burns products to complete a natural and complete diet. Burns was set up by a veterinary surgeon, John Burns, so the food is carefully created with their health in mind. It is a highly digestible dog food and promotes all-round health and vitality for your dog.

Size: 2KG, 6KG & 12KG


Price:€13.99 – €63.99

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2. James Wellbeloved Dog Food Turkey & Rice


Another fantastic selection for your dog is the Turkey & Rice Adult Dog Food by James Wellbeloved. This product contains special ingredients which care for your dog’s health and well-being. Some of the ingredients include brown & white rice, which is a highly digestive carbohydrate, and Omega 3 & 6 Oils which promotes healthy skin and a glossy-looking coat. What better way to support your dog’s immune system than this fantastic product by James Wellbeloved?

Price: €15.99 – €79.99

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3.Pets Plus Small Bite Grain Free Dog Food – Salmon


grain free small breed dog food

Looking for one of the best dog food in Ireland for small dogs? You should purchase the Grain Free Dog Food by Pets Plus. It is a delicious Salmon which is different from the typical chicken or turkey. It is also a brilliant choice if your dog has any grain intolerance or sensitivity. It will help your dog produce smaller and firmer stools. Not only that it helps to promote healthy skin and coat for your furry friend.

Price: €15.99 – €41.99

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4. Burns Dog Food – Fish & Rice – Adult

burns dog food fish

Here we have another great choice of dog food from Burns. This is the Fish and Rice for Adult dogs. If your dog is always eating chicken or turkey, treat them to this fish and rice alternative, and they will be in for a treat. All Burns dog food, promotes all-round health and vitality, so your dog is in top condition.

Price: €11.99

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5. Burns Weight Control Dog Food – Adult

burns weight control

This is one of the best dog food in Ireland for weight loss. Have you noticed your dog has put on a few pounds lately? The Burns weight control dog food is a healthy way for your dog to shed some of that weight. It is low fat and made with natural ingredients and oats to keep dogs feeling full for longer so they won’t eat as much. It is an award-winning recipe and has helped with some fantastic transformations for overweight dogs.

Price: €13.99 – €63.99

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6. James Wellbeloved Dog Food Lamb & Rice Adult

james well beloved

Here we have an Adult Hypoallergenic dog food in a Lamb & Rice flavour. It is made from 100% natural lamb with added minerals and vitamins to keep your doggy happy and healthy. It also contains antioxidants such as pomegranate and rosemary to promote the support of a healthy immune system. It also contains Yucca Extract, a natural deodoriser that will help with foul-smelling poos.

Size: 2KG, 15KG

Price: €15.99 – €79.99

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7. PETSplus Super Premium Adult Dog Food – Lamb

adult dog food lamb

Check out another one of our products from the Super Premium Range. It’s a top-rated product and one that had to make the best dog food in Ireland list. It is a complete dog food with lamb as the main protein source. It is a recommended choice for dogs who have sensitivity to chicken. Lamb is a great protein source and one that is highly digestible and helps to keep blood and nerve cells healthy.

Size: 2KG, 12KG.

Price: €12.50 – €49.99

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8. Burns Wet Dog Food Fish 150g Box

wet dog food fishAnother brilliant Burns product is the Wet Dog Food Wild Fish Box. It contains 12 x 150g pouches. The wholesome recipe is natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and low in fat, making it suitable for adult and senior dogs of any breed, fussy eaters and sensitive dogs. All of the food is hand cooked, so rest assured you’re getting the best dog food.

Price: €16.99

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9. CARNILOVE Salmon & Turkey (Large Breed Puppy) 1.5kg

large breed puppy

Next up is from the Carnilove range. We are big fans of theirs as all their dog food contains 70% wild-origin meat and 30% forest fruits, veg and berries. The ingredients have been developed for the diet of dogs before agriculture. It contains Vitamin B3 and B6, essential for brain function, healthy growth and muscle tone.

Price: €13.00

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10. Canagan Free Range Chicken Dog Food

canagan dog food

Last but by no means least on our best dog food in Ireland list is the Free range chicken dog food produced by Canagans. It is a specially crafted grain-free dog food formulated by their experts to deliver nutrition close to their ancestral diet. It offers the optimal ratio of protein to carbohydrates with various vegetables. It will be a delicious meal for your dog and will give them all the protein they need to be healthy and grow.

Size: 2KG, 6KG, 12KG

Price: €25.99 – €113.99

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Types of Dog Food

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Carnilove: Browse Carnilove’s range of grain-free dog food that embraces the natural carnivorous diet with various delicious flavours.

Forthglade: Treat your dog to Forthglade’s range of gently cooked dog food made with 100% natural ingredients for a tasty and balanced meal.

Burns: Choose from Burns’ selection of holistic dog food, crafted with carefully selected ingredients to promote optimal health and well-being.

Red Mills: Find a range of Red Mills’ dog food options formulated with high-quality ingredients to provide complete nutrition for your furry friend.

James Wellbeloved: Discover James Wellbeloved’s range of hypoallergenic dog food, free from artificial colours, flavours, and common allergens, for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

Gain: Explore Gain’s range of nutritious dog food formulas to support your dog’s overall health and maintain an active lifestyle.



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