A Guide to Different Types of Dog Coats

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A Guide to Different Types of Dog Coats

Not all dog coats are the same, every dog breed has a specific coat type. Here we will discuss different types of coats and recommended brushes for each type coat to keep it healthy and shining.

There are several common coat types:

  • Smooth
  • Wire
  • Short
  • Curly
  • Long
  • Combination

Smooth Coat

These type coats are the easiest to maintain. This type coat is short and close to the body however sheds frequently for example a Greyhound or Boxer.


Brush Suggestion: De-Shedding Tool – such as the Shed Master or Furminator







Curly Coat

Curly Coats are high maintenance, they are very thick and curly with lots of volume. It matts very easily and requires daily brushing to avoid this. Breeds include Poodle and Bichon Frise.


Brush Suggestion:  Curved Slicker Brush, Comb, and De-matting Tool







Wiry Coat

This Coat is short and coarse thats bristly to touch. Professional grooming is often required for this type dog coat ie. hand stripping as clipping can ruin the wiry texture. Breeds include West Highland Terriers and different type Terriers.


Brush Suggestion: Curved Slicker Brush and Comb







Long Coat

This is another high maintenance coat that requires a lot of brushing. Coats can vary in texture for example a Shih Tzu or Maltese.

shi tzu

Brush Suggestion: Curved Slicker Brush, Comb, De-matting tool







Short Coat

These coats are very dense and have two layers of coats designed to protect against the elements. This coat is thicker than a smooth coat with more texture. Little grooming is required however it tends to hold more unwanted scents for example Pugs or Labradors.


Brush Suggestion: De-Shedding Tool or Shedding Blades such as the Shed Master or Furminator






Combination Coat

A breed with a combination coat has areas of longer coat and shorter coat which you can easily tell apart. Generally, the shorter coat is on the body and the longer coat is on the ears, legs and tail. For example a Cocker Spaniel, Gold Retriever. Grooming is aimed more at the longer areas, as the shorter areas need less maintenance.

cocker spaniel

Brush Suggestion: Slicker brush, Comb, De-matting tool







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