A Dog is Not A Toy!

A Dog is Not A Toy!

A Dog will provide you with years of friendship and joy but with it comes a lot of responsibilities. Here are some of the things you should be aware of when you buy a new dog:


At Pets plus we offer a wide range of Dog Food. Make sure your dog has a balanced diet that meets its nutritional needs. Your dog must have access to fresh clean water at all times. Your dog must be fed at least once a day, but generally, it is advised to feed your dog twice a day. Your dog should not be too fat or too thin. Ideally you should just be able to feel its ribs and clearly see its waist when viewed from above. Some dogs have different dietary needs. Here at Pets plus we can advise you on the best food for your dog based on it’s breed, age and condition.


You should provide your dog with a comfortable, dry, draught-free resting area to which it has constant access and where it will feel safe. If you keep your dog outside ensure that it is also kept within a secure space to prevent it from escaping or roaming and to stop other animals getting in, unwelcome visitors or even theft. Ensure your dog is kept away from potentially harmful substances. Make sure your dog is transported safely.


It takes time and effort to train your dog properly. Reward good behaviour with something that your dog finds enjoyable and make sure that you respond immediately. It is very important that your dog receives a suitable amount of exercise. Toilet training is an essential part of early learning. You should provide your dog with regular access to an appropriate place where it can go to the toilet.


Dogs are a social species and need the company of people, dogs, or other animals. You should be aware of how your dog responds to other animals and keep it under suitable control if it does not mix well with them. Your dog should have plenty of things to stimulate it mentally which can be provided by contact with humans or another dog and by providing safe and suitable toys to play with. Here at PETS plus we have a wide range of toys for your puppy or dog – why not drop in and treat your dog to a toy!

Health and Care

You should regularly examine your dog for signs of injury and illness. You must ensure your dog is treated promptly by a vet if it is injured or ill. At PETS plus we will also be able to advise you about routine health care, such as neutering, vaccination, and parasite control (e.g. fleas and worms). You should ensure that your dog’s coat is properly groomed. We have grooming studios in all of our pet stores in Cobh, Fermoy and Blackpool where we can advise you about coat care for your dog and offers a very professional grooming service. Your dog should wear a correctly fitted collar and identity tag when in a public place and should also be permanently identified with a microchip. We have a wide range of collars at PETS plus and also offer customised ID tags for your dog.