The Best Cat Products to Keep Your Feline Friend Entertained

The Best Cat Products to Keep Your Feline Friend Entertained

At Pets Plus we know that keeping your cat entertained and happy is a top priority for every pet owner. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cat products available right here on our site to ensure your furry friend stays active, engaged, and happy

 Interactive Cat Toys

Kong Aquarium Fish Toy

A Multi-coloured, motion-activated fibre optics ignite batting with a Wobbling bowl and dangling fish grab attention and a Multi-sensory toy satisfies hunting and nocturnal instincts

Kong Cat Laser Toy

A classic favourite, Irresistible moving light sparks natural hunting instincts and Ignites chasing and pouncing for interactive fun

Cozy Beds and Hideaways

Cat Cave Bed with a Toy

A snuggly plus retreat for your cat with a toy for entertainment. The perfect cat hideaway.

Cat Teepee Bed

A super cute teepee bed for cats and kittens which looks stylish in your home but also provides soft cuddly comfort for your cat to hideaway and catch some zzzzs.

Puzzle Feeders and Treat Dispensers

Kong Cat Puzzlement Mat 

A Pocketed play mat which  provides mental enrichment with Multiple toys & pockets provide infinite play choices. This mat also has Crinkle material which  ignites hunting instincts the perfect toy to keep your cat entertaines.

Mini Strategy Game for Cats

A fun game that gets your cats mind moving and paws going. Hide treats under the cones and challenge them to seek them out!

Scratching Posts and Trees

Bendy Arm Cat Scratching Post

Save your furniture and provide fun and entertainment for your cats and kittens. This scratch post has hanging toys for extra entertainment.

Add some premium catnip spray to attract your cat to cat scratchers, its irresistible to cats.

At Pets Plus, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best products to keep your pet happy and healthy. Explore our full range of cat toys and accessories on www.petsplus.ie and give your feline friend the joy and stimulation they deserve!