VetIQ Stool Firm Tablets 45

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VetIQ Stool Firm Tablets 45

With pectin to firm loose stools

Contains prebiotic fibre for healthy digestion

Contains pumpkin for added fibre, betacarotene & vitamins

For puppies from 8 weeks

Loose stools in dogs may be caused by diet change or as puppies diet graduates to nutritionally dense foods. It is important to stop loose stools and ensure your dog is absorbing the required nutrients.

VetIQ® Stool Firm tablets are specially formulated with a unique blend of pectin and pumpkin which helps increase stool firmness. In addition the formulation promotes healthy intestinal tract with the presence of kaolin for toxin absorption and prebiotic fibre, Inulin, to promote the presence of beneficial gut bacteria. Stool Firm tablets contain calcium carbonate which helps to form a barrier along the gut assisting the natural balance of the digestive tract.

Directions for Use:

AnimalWeight RangeRecommended Amounts
PuppiesUp to 5 kg1 tablet daily
5 – 10 kg2 tablets daily
Dogs10 – 15 kg3 tablets daily
15 – 30 kg4 tablets daily
More than 30 kg3 tablets twice daily

Improved nutrient absorption

Firmer stool

Healthy intestines

Composition: Calcium Carbonate, Yeast, Pumpkin Powder, Inulin, Pectin
 Additives per Kg: Flavouring 12,000 mg, Koalin 18,000 mg.
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 14.8%, Crude Fibre 0.7%, Oils & Fats 2.7%, Ash 59.5% Moisture 4.2%.
Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Yeast, Kaolin, Pumpkin powder, Inulin, Natural Flavouring, Pectin.
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 14.3 %, Crude Fat (min.) 2.4 %, Crude Fibre (max.) 1.0 %, Moisture (max.) 4.6 %, Ash (max.) 61.7 %.

Size: 45 Tablets

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.