Simba Sift X-Large Cat Litter Box

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Simba Sift X-Large Cat Litter Box 64cm

64cm X 46cm X 31cm

  • Removable edge,
  • Sieve
  • Extra-large troughs

This x-large litter box is extremely practical and easy to clean.

The openings in the edge ensure that the litter stays in the tray when leaving  and the area around the Simba stays clean because of the raised back panel. The litter doesn’t leave the tray, and leaks caused by cats urinating while standing are prevented.

This open x-large litter box is also economical and durable. The sieve ensures that the waste and the litter are easily separated from the clean litter. And the extra clips firmly secure the two trays and the sieve to the top part, ensuring that they don’t come apart while being carried. The design and the fresh colours give it a good look.

The extra-spacious Simba is a suitable litter box for bigger breeds or multiple cats!

Assorted colours

  • modern design and fresh colours
  • quick and easy to clean: sieve keeps excrement and clumps of litter separate from the clean litter
  • economical and longer-lasting use of litter: the sieved clean litter can be reused
  • sieve is suitable for fine and coarse clumping cat litter (10 mm openings)
  • large clips guarantee secure fastening of the trays and sieve.

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