Protective Post Surgery Collar L-XL

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Protective Post Surgery Collar L-XL

Size: L-XL
Measurements: 53-56 cm/27 cm
Neck circum.: 53-56 cm

  • soft material makes it comfortable to wear
  • no catching on or knocking against objects
  • the pet can see and hear without being impaired
  • feeding, drinking, sniffing and lying down possible without problems
  • with loops for collar
  • cm information shows neck circumference/collar length
  • items no. 19421 and 19422: also suitable for cats
  • polyester/foam
  • colour: grey
  • compliant with animal welfare under § 18 (AT)
The large radius of the protective collar restricts vision a bit. This can become a danger on stairs. Therefore stairs should be made secure during the time the pet is wearing the collar.