Pets Unlimited Beef Dog Treats 8 Pack

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Pets Unlimited Beef Dog Treats 8 Pack

The small chewy sticks are the ideal dog treat. These chew snacks are purely natural and made of pure beef-hide, without any artificial additives. The low fat percentage of the sticks also makes them a sensible addition to your dog’s daily menu. These chews are also protein rich and wrapped in delicious beef. These rich flavours are ensured to make your dog extra happy.

Chewy sticks are especially good for a dog’s dental health. Chewing on sturdy beef hide stimulates natural dental wear, which then strengthens a dog’s teeth. Chewing is also good for a dog’s gums. Therefore these twisted sticks promote good health in your pet. The sticks are suited for dogs 4 months or older and come in packs of 8 pieces.

Dogs love bones and chews. Give your dog hours of chewing fun as well as healthy teeth with these flavourful chewy sticks.

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