Nobby Brain Board for Pets

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– The dog can move the platelets or rods with his muzzle or pays to receive his reward
– The Nobby BrainBoard will demand and occupy the dog intellectually


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Nobby Brain Board for Pets

The Nobby intelligence toy BrainBoard will demand and occupy your dog intellectually. This makes your dog better balanced and more content. Through the playful working out of treats, your dog gets constant feeling of success which inspire for new game. Support your dog at the beginning by hiding treats in front of his eyes. After this, show him how to reach them. Your dog will discover the treats on his own after short time. The BrainBoard „Flappie“ is made of sturdy plastic and is equipped with anti-slip rubber feet at the underside. With his muzzle or paws your dog can turn the lids to receive his reward.