Julius K9 Neon IDC Powerharness Mini

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Julius K9 Neon IDC Powerharness Mini

7-15kg 49-67cm NEON

The Official IDC® POWERHARNESS – The Ultimate Dog Harness for any situation

Have full control and complete security for any walk. The official IDC® Powerharness is your dog harness for bustling urban outings, early-morning woodland walks, or night-time strolls.

Designed to keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable, the IDC® Powerharness can also be simply fitted in an instant.

Harness Features:

  • Scientifically proven comfort. The harness evenly distributes the power to the dog’s chest instead of the neck – greatly reducing stress
  • Provides maximum leash control
  • Water resistant material
  • Exceptionally simple to fit and remove
  • Made in the EU using German materials
  • Antiallergenic, skin-friendly, OEKO-TEX certified lining
  • High-visibility, glow-in-the-dark and reflective stitching
  • Recommended by dog trainers, vets, search and rescue teams, and working dog organizations for 10+ years
  • Sturdy handles that can be strapped down when not in use with a hook-and-loop strip (sizes Mini-Mini & Mini) or a rubber flap with popper (sizes 0 to 4)
  • Over 20 years in dog harness developmen

Controlled Lead Handling

We have optimized IDC® Powerharness to provide you maximum control while also providing maximum comfort for your dog.

The harnesses’ chest strap is parallel to the leash ring – allowing the pullback you give to be felt by your dog in the most efficient and safe manner. This means that you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort.

The wide chest strap and the optional IDC® Chest Pad help distribute the power over the chest for the proper comfort of your pet.

Expert Design No Matter Your Dog’s Size

If you’re buying a harness for a puppy, a fully grown dog, or for a smaller breed, the IDC® Powerharness is the smart choice.

The structure of the harness differs between sizes, ensuring the same level of comfort and control is provided no matter how big or small your dog.

Getting The Right Harness For Your Puppy

Getting The Right Harness Size

A well fitting harness is important for your dog’s safety and comfort. For a full sizing chart and information on how to measure your dog for a correct fit, please see our dog harness measuring guide.

Harness Sizing and Weight Overview

Small Puppy (Baby 1) – Chest: 11.4-14.15 inches / 29-36cm | Weight: 1.75-6.6lbs / 0.8-3kg

Puppy & Small Dog (Baby 2) – Chest: 13-18 inches / 33-45cm | Weight: 4.4-11lbs / 2-5kg

XXS Extra Extra Small Dog (mini-mini) – Chest: 15.75-21 inches / 40-53cm | Weight: 8.8-15.5lbs / 4-7kg

XS Extra Small Dog (mini) – Chest: 20-26.4 inches / 51-67cm – Weight: 15.5 – 33lbs / 7-15kg

Small Dog (size 0) – Chest: 22.8 – 30 inches / 58 – 76cm – Weight: 30-55lbs / 13.5-24.5kg

Small-Medium Dog (size 1) – Chest: 26-33.5 inches / 66-85cm – Weight: 50-66lbs / 22.5-30kg

Medium Dog (size 2) – Chest: 28-38 inches / 71-96cm – Weight: 61-88lbs / 27.5-40kg

Large Dog (size 3) – Chest: 32.3-46.5 inches / 80-112cm – Weight: 88-176lbs / 40-79kg

XL Extra Large (size 4) – Chest: 38.5-54.3 inches / 98-138 cm – Weight: 154-198Ibs / 70-90kg