Inflatable Dog Collar – X-Large

22.99 (inc. VAT)

  • Measurements – 55-80cm
  • Washable & hygienic
  • Scratch and bite resistant
  • Won’t mark or scratch furniture or walls
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Used and recommended by vets

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Inflatable Dog Collar – X-Large

The inflatable collars are used as an alternative to the traditional cone collar post surgery. They help reduce stress whilst your pets recover from surgery or minor injuries.

Unlike the cone collar, the comfy collar does not restrict the field of view, so your dog or cat is less likely to bash into furniture. It is also much easier for them to see and reach their food bowl

Pet-friendly and effective alternative to the traditional lampshade collars used by vets.

The comfy collar prevents dogs and cats from biting, scratching and licking wounds, incisions, or other injured areas. It’s comfy so it allows your cat or dog to sleep and eat in a normal position. It also allows your pet to see normally, making them more comfortable.

Comes in 5 sizes suitable for both cats and dogs

Post surgery suits also available, see here

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