Easy Pill for Dogs 20g

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Easy Pill for Dogs 20g

Easy pill is the new and easiest way to give tablets to your dog. Easy pill is a delicious meaty blend which can be rolled into a ball to easily conceal tablets.

Easy pill is often given without a tablet at first to gain trust of the dog. Simply then place the tablet in the middle of the easy pill and roll into a ball until the tablet is completely concealed.

1 Easypill divisible bar can be up to 20 uses.

To ease the administration of pills in dogs.

Hide the pill totally in a piece of the product to make a « ball », and put it in the pet’s dish.The Easypill® concept is an answer to the recurring problem encountered by veterinarians around the world: the compliance.

Easypill® is a palatable device originally developed by Jean-Pierre Maloisel to ease the administration of pills in pets: the pill is hidden inside a highly palatable paste to be spontaneously eaten like a treat by the pet. A formula for dogs Easypill® Dog and a formula for cats Easypill® Cat

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