Chew and Play Brush Suction Toy

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Chew and Play Brush Suction Toy

Daily tooth cleaning is a must for dogs. By age three, 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from an oral disease. With the duvoplus chew ´n play brush, you don´t have to make an effort to clean your dog´s teeth. Dogs clean their own teeth. No more stress for canines or their guardians. Let your dog chew and bite on the toy for 5 minutes a day in order to clean its teeth, something that feels very natural and fun for it. Thanks to the strong suction cup, the toy remains in place and your dog can clean its teeth to its heart´s content. Put dog toothpaste into the reservoir at the top for optimal oral hygiene. This toy cleans teeth right down to the gum line and prevents plaque and tartar, thanks to the 2 types of grooves. It even cleans the hard-to-reach back teeth. Cleaning teeth was never so easy and enjoyable.

  • Fun and easy way for dogs to clean their own teeth
  • 2 types of ribs to remove plaque and tartar
  • Handy design to hold firmly between the paws & with suction cup
  • Hard-wearing rubber
  • Add toothpaste to the reservoir and let your dog chew for 5 minutes a day for optimal oral hygiene