Burgess Senior Cat Food Turkey 1.4kg

8.99 (inc. VAT)

Tasty Burgess Mature with Turkey & Cranberry is a complete dry food for cats over 7 years old.

  • Dental health support
  • Glucosamine to support healthy joints
  • Antioxidants to help support your cat’s immune system
  • Taurine to support a healthy heart
  • Mature cats 7+ Years

Burgess Senior Cat Food Turkey 1.4kg

Burgess food for Mature cats has been specially formulated to contain all the essential nutrients your cat needs from the age of 7+.

As your cat matures their needs can change. Perhaps not quite as agile as in their younger years, our unique recipe is an adapted diet specifically for older cats and contains the essential nutrients your mature cat needs to help them stay healthy and content.

 Dental health – We use a specialist ingredient which helps to promote an all-round healthy mouth

 *Skin & coat – Essential fatty acids help to support healthy skin and a shiny coat

 Immune defence – Contains antioxidants to help support your cat’s immune system into their mature years

 Urinary tract health – Formulated to help support a healthy urinary system

 *Heart health – Includes taurine for a healthy heart and vision

 *Joint support – Glucosamine helps to maintain healthy joints in older less agile cats

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