Burgess Excel Junior Dwarf Rabbit Food 1.5kg


Delicious, complementary junior rabbit nuggets for young and dwarf rabbits, with optimal nutrient levels, perfect for your rabbits’ higher metabolism.

  • Prevents selective feeding
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • High in protein

Burgess Excel Junior Dwarf Rabbit Food 1.5kg

Excel Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets with Mint are higher in protein and fibre, and contain the nutrients to support growing rabbits.

High in Beneficial Fibre (36%)

 Prevents selective feeding

 *Contains prebiotics to help develop young digestive systems

 *Essential amino acids for growing rabbits

 Higher protein to aid muscle development

 Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support healthy eyes, skin and coat

 Higher nutrient levels tailored to faster metabolisms

 Contains antioxidants to support the immune system


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