Bristol Hamster Cage

93.99 (inc. VAT)

  • hamster cage
  • recommended for 1 Syrian hamster
  • modern shape
  • comes with platform, running wheel, stainless steel feeding bowl, drinking bottle, ladder and sputnik house
  • large front door for easy access
  • wire distance: 9,5 mm

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Bristol Hamster Cage 59 x 38 x 37 cm

The Bristol is a large and modern cage that is just perfect for hamsters.

The cage comes with loads of accessories such as a platform, running wheel, feeding bowl, drinking bottle, ladder and a house! You can hang the Sputnik hamster house from the ceiling of the cage.

Doing so stimulates your hamster’s urge to climb, whilst giving him a wonderful place to relax and sleep.

The cage comes with a large front door, making it very easy to feed and pet your hamster. In addition, the cage has horizontal bars that encourage climbing and replicate a natural situation.

The Bristol cage is suitable for 1 Syrian hamster.