Better Bones Rawhide Free Dog Treats

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Better Bones Rawhide Free Dog Treats

Chicken Twists x 10

Zeus Better Bones is a new soft dog treat range made with real chicken, no-added salt and easy digestible ingredients that are rawhide-free which provides a healthy alternative for dogs. Combining irresistible, mouth-watering flavours with chewy goodness, these dog treats provide hours of fun while satisfying your dog�s natural chewing instinct and promoting good oral hygiene.

The Better Bones range provides three varieties of treats; Small Bones, Chicken Wrapped Bones and Chicken Wrapped Twists because no two dogs are the same; no matter their size or breed. Each variety is offered in the same four mouth-watering flavours of Chicken Rosemary & Thyme, Duck & Cranberry, Lamb & Mint and Almond so dogs will get a good taste of meat while never getting bored of the flavours.

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