Beaphar Nutrisupport Kidneys Cats 12pack

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Beaphar Nutri support for kidneys Cats 12pack

Beaphar NutriSupport Kidney is a delicious, salmon flavoured, nutritional health supplement made with natural active ingredients, including taurine, L-carnitine, and yeast. With added taurine to help support eye and heart function, L-carnitine to support the cells´┐Ż ability to utilise fatty acids for energy, which is beneficial for many muscles in the body, such as the heart and vascular tissues, and yeast which has shown to be a good source of nucleotides to support cell regeneration. Cats with kidney problems may have a decreased ability to absorb L-carnitine, therefore this can be supplemented with Beaphar NutriSupport Kidney. Beaphar NutriSupport Kidney is a soft jelly with no artificial colours, is hypoallergenic, low in calories and perfectly adapted to help support your cat’s kidney function. Suitable for cats with kidney problems or with a predisposition for kidney problems.