Dog Cooling Mats

Shop our range of Dog Cooling Mats online. On hot sunny days, your dog may get overheated. Our dog cooling mats are designed to provide relief from the heat and help your dog regulate their body temperature.

So purchase a dog cooling bed to regulate your dog’s body temperature on hot days. Our dog cooling mats work on direct contact with the dog. Once your dog lies down, they’ll start to feel the cooling relief.

All of our dog cooling mats are 100% safe materials and are easily cleaned without the need for any special cleaning products. We have a few options available – choose from our fruit collection with either a watermelon or lemon styled cooling mat; our popular Nobby dog cooling mat; or our reversible dog cooling mat.

We offer dog cooling mats in a variety of sizes suitable for puppies, small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Keep your dog cool today, they’ll thank you for it!

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