We have a wide range of both Tropical and Cold Water fish at PETSplus. We also offer starter kits for people starting their first fish tanks including all the necessary ingredients for you to be successful. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when starting up your own aquarium or fish bowl:

  1. Match the fish with an appropriate home, which could be a Fish Bowl, an Aquarium with or without a heater, or a Pond.
  2. The first few days of starting a Fish Bowl, Aquarium, or Pond are the most risky and stressful for the fish. Reduce this risk by following the advice given at PETSplus.
  3. Change 20% of the water twice a week. Use bottled drinking water for Fish Bowls and tap water for Aquariums and Ponds.
  4. A least once a month give your fish’s home a good cleaning.
  5. Twice a day feed your fish the correct floating food, so they get plenty to eat. Be sure all the food is eaten, and none of the food is left to pollute the water.
  6. Every day look carefully at your fish for signs of Stress and Disease. If you see signs of Stress and Disease, immediately give your fish the Recommended Treatment available at PETSplus.
  7. Also carefully look at your water. If the water is cloudy, foamy, or smelly, take immediate corrective action.